Monday, November 21, 2011

November Newsletter - 11.11.11 Stargate & The Gaia-Unity Grid

11.11.11 Stargate & The Gaia-Unity Grid
November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

The Light within Us acknowledges the Light within you. My Guides and I are pleased to be making contact from Sedona, Arizona.  What an incredible journey it has been, from activating with the Crystal Skulls, to several days of 11/11/11 ceremony, which led into our incredible Gaia Light Tribe Conference.

On the day of 11/11/11 three medicine wheels created a Holy Trinity of vortexing masculine-feminine balanced energies, woven together through the magic of co-creation. These medicine wheels also anchored in the trinity of energy correlated from Sedona to the Arkansas Crystal Grid and Lake Titicaca.  This was further enhanced through the activation of the Planetary Solar Sun Discs.  The Solar Sun Discs harness and communicate the conscious transmissions from the Source, the star systems, Galactic Center, our very own Sun and throughout the Earth plane.  During the Solar Sun Disc dormancy, we were only receiving partial packets of information through the vacuum, the Universal Net.  11/11/11 awoke these discs across the Globe.   :)

It was truly so special to share so much with so many of you. I still am bathing in the Love, Remembrance & Feelings of Home met in each other’s eyes.  Thank you for being you & being here alongside with me.  Ascension truly is the greatest celebration on Earth!
And so it is, that the Gaia-Unity Grid has been activated! I have become well-aware how further opening the veils to this new dimensional frequency meant a deeper release than each shift proceeding it.  I’d like to share the potent message I received during this 11/11/11 collective Rite of Passage: “Now is the time for us to get out of our own way.  Now is the time for us to get out of the way of each other.  Now is the time to let Spirit fully come through.”

I truly feel this entails a level of letting go of old stories, ancient wounds and owning the illusion we are creating, so we can shatter it with Grace. The Gaia-Unity Grid, now all fired up, is a restoration of the Creation hologram.  This fractal hologram is the Rainbow Bridge of Light, which activates communication from every cell and atom of your being with the Earth, every star, planet, super-cluster and so on.  Not only does this grid Unify us in Love with One another, it Unifies us with the whole of Creation.  Thus, we have reached a new level of ecstatic awakening, aligning with the Human-Gaia-Cosmic DNA codec containing the Truth - The revealing experience that all life is contained within each aspect of all life.

11/11/11 was, in a way, a debut for myself.  A stepping fully into my path, as I surrender to allow the messages of Ratava, my Higher-Self of Sirius, to engage our co-creation.  In the post-integration, another layer of hidden feelings, limiting patterns of thought, perceptual agreements and self-restrictions from being fully present were revealed.  With the assistance of my Guides, healers & Light Tribe support, I am working through this and appreciate deeply your assistance during this process.

I am receiving it as an invitation to all of us at the height of this transformation.  What is here now, in our Expansion into the Light, is so incredibly grand and ground breaking that our deepest core processes are being touched.  All shadow elements, as we have known them, are coming into the Light at their respective moments.

On an individual level, Ratava says, “Clear your Channels.  Find any place within you which has friction to the present.  Bring your awareness there, Breathe & Let Go.”

We are also letting go of dense formats of living.  Many Guides are also asking that we lighten up our diets, eating lots of raw foods & reducing calorie intake.  That we stay in the moment to see what the moment is requesting of us.

It is in tracking this deep listening, clearing our channels for ultimate presence in each passing moment, where our paths of Service are revealed.  In listening - Is an energetic discontinuity, incompatibility and/or resistance really just an indicator for you to look at something?  Perhaps for you to feel, presence and/or make a change of action?  Perhaps a relocation of your awareness - on all levels?

The Earth requests many of your presences among her trees, water, stone and fire.  Recognize when any overt challenges are simply a call to re-connect with spirit through the elements.  You Loving Mother is here ready and willing to offer you guidance, support, abundance and comfort once she can affirm you are readily communing with her.  
And so it is...that we unfold this exciting life on the other side of the 11/11/11 stargate together.

I have before me three more weeks in Sedona.  I’ll be hosting an event at the Creative Life Center on 12/12.  Please look below for more details.  Then I am off to Mexico to Re-Connect with my Past-Life Mayan Heritage and to commune in Solstice Ceremony.  There too is further Grid work to be undertaken, as we work with the sacred sites which support it.  How fun it is to remember our path of Service!

Speaking of which...

Ratava and I are now being asked to continue to dispensate channeled messages, meditations and translations of transformation amongst communities across the Globe.  Let us know if you would like to host a workshop in your hometown and/or local community.  We look forward to continuing along the path of co-creating this remembrance!  We are on a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts.  Will you join us?
Please contact me at or call me at 954-205-5585 to discuss. 

Sirian Ascension Alchemy 11/12/11 
Below is the link to download the audio recording of the channeled message from Ratava at the  
Gaia Light Tribe Conference. Feel free to share.  

Future Events:

Sirian Grid Transmissions
Come engage in an exciting exchange with Amateo Ra, as he channels Ratava. Ratava is a Sirian Ambassador of the Archangelic League of the Light.  He would like to share with you how to optimize and align your moment-to-moment communion with the Gaia-Unity Grid.  As we crossed through the 11/11/11 time portal, we now land in a state of accelerated Unification and clearing for the Earth plane.  It’s a karma clearing house, and everything must be Let Go!  Let Ratava’s clarity & playful ways excite you into deeper levels of self understanding.  There will also be an opportunity for Questions & Answers.  Join us in co-creating this 12/12 time portal sequence together, as Our Ascension excites into the Light!
When: 12/12/11 7:00 p.m.
Where: Sedona Creative Life Center - Universal Room
333 Schnebly Road
Donation: $33 Love Offering - All Are Welcome!

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We Love You!

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Love & Thank You, Thank You!
Amateo Ra
Ascension Ambassador

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ascension Through Perception

We are currently in the epic epoch of acceleration, transformation and awakening. The Earth is undergoing a full resurgence of her divine Mother Hood and we, her children, are illuminating the divine blueprint hid out of view until this growth spurt's uncoiling.  For many, they call this a time of Ascension. That we along with the planet are raising in our vibratory awareness, becoming less dense, in a hyper-holographic creatorship with our reality.  In essence, our internal and outer reality are re-aligning, re-membering connections that have been there all along. With this process comes transmuting the degrees of separation which have long held us restricted, in feelings of longing, separation, unworthiness and limitation. I'd like to now examine how Ascension comes through the expansion, inclusion and enlightening of our individual and collective expression.

In every moment we are making millions, even trillions of conscious and unconscious decisions. Just by choosing to be in a certain place in a certain moment, one is ruling out every other potential location, with an infinite number of potential choices, inputting and outputting energy from their experience. From an Infinite timeline and multi-verse perspective, all alternative remote locations, each with their alternative choices, are co-existing in a vast multitude of parallel realities alongside this one. In fact, in every moment you are free to access this diverse time-scape of realities, which thus makes each one of us a multi-dimenionsal being of expanded capacity to live in the moment.  So, what are all the choices we make in the each moment, how exactly do these choices impact our happiness our spiritual growth and the health of Our Mother Earth?

Perhaps take a moment to find your center and enter a space where this multitude of timelines is present.  Feel these variations of your being all co-existing simultaneously.  What within this complex field feels the best?  Where is the path of highest excitement? Where is the path least trodden? Are they the same?

Each meal, each breath, each step, each thought is composed of a organic orchestration of notes, scales, octaves and rhythms all agreeing to formulate the musical of your life.  Perhaps then we can see how our actions in the moment may affect future decisions and impact.  Say for instance, renting a place to live requires one to enter an agreement that may then restrict travel plans, yet liberate room for expression.  Maybe the opposite is true.

Perhaps we can also see how our projections into the future limit our ability to create.

The veil is now being lifted from our inner-outer interface, where we are seeing that our unacknowledged shadow self has unconsciously created an Earth environment desperately in need of healing and repair.  We are also seeing that our inner awakening and self remembrance is spawning in organization, celebration and new potential, giving us hope, faith and trust in what is to come.  In turn, we take this renewed hope & faith and apply it to our inner healing process, connected to the Earth and begin to constructively manifest solutions to the toxic challenges, as we choose to gradually ignore them no longer.  In fact, it is as if the toxic environment, social disparity, hunger and poverty are a direct reflection of our unconscious shadow. As our inner unconscious becomes conscious, we develop and innovative technologies, resources and efforts to heal our precious Earth reality, which we are all agreeing simultaneously to inhabit and be of service towards.

I feel as though now we have entered a new stage in self-development. In this stage of development, we are able to see how the weight we apply to our perception affects the gravity of the situation around us.  In other words, the more challenging, difficult and seemingly Impossible we make tasks, activities and even trauma seem, the greater weight it has over our lives.  The heavier the state of being, the act of doing, the less likely the outcome of it getting done, and the less likely to receive the support of the greater whole.

In the past cycle of time we were in an era of sleepy density, coming full cycle now at the exponential apex of acceleration, reflected in our self-development, technology and overall evolution.  Essentially, I feel we are re-evaluating the density relationship with our inner-outer reality.  It is as if instead of Impossible feats, doomed failure and repressive gloom, we see heightened opportunities, potential work, abundance and resource sharing.  From our inner perspective, we see our deepest wounds as our greatest gifts, driving forth purpose and meaning into our lives.

As we in-lighten our relationships with the world around us, we release the limitations which once boxed us in to lifelong careers, cubicle employment and mad races around the clock seemingly driving nowhere with our deep desires.   Our deep desires are now seen as the fuel of our furtherest success, aligning us in the collective timeline reality of our highest vibratory choosing.  It is in this extremely conscious decsion making, where we examine every choice, and to those we have attached heaviness to, alchemically alter the energetic signatures through the inner work of being present with them.

Bashar says, "Ascension is the act of becoming the reality you previously thought you existed in." Perhaps we can add to that, as we realize we become this reality through in-lightening the relationships we have with it.  I feel as though our unconscious is a dynamic database of decisions made heavy, awaiting their conscious attention and re-evaluation, so as the time is right to reclaim our reality co-creation for the betterment of the whole.  By entering the unconscious with the intent of doing this work, it begins to be instantly uplifted.  The work accelerated through intention, complimented by synchronicity, all the while enriching the experience of the moment. That separation ceases to exist where light persists.  That wherever there is weight there is a limited state.

Through this collective alchemical work through our inner-outer reality, we are changing the very interface of the Earth itself. As quantum mechanics dictates, the reality is altered by the observer, therefore, the lighter the observers perception, the lighter the reality.  The lighter our collective projection the greater we ascend with the planet, Mother Gaia, as One.  I feel it is this symbiotic relationship of stewardship through simple presence which is being called to action in this moment now.  Father Sky calls for our recognition to instill us the memories and the energetic transmission of transformation, available to us now to carry forth in how we see each other and the world around us.  May you see light in the darkness, and carry this light into this Ascension we share.

Practice Exercise
Enter a meditative state, calm breath, finding center.
Ground to Gaia and connect with Father Sky
Call upon your Guides, Angels and Guardians of the Light
In this state ask yourself: in this moment, what feels heavy within me?
Perhaps it's a bodily region, task or past event
Is this weight restricting me?
Be present with this weight
Be present with your  light, joy and excitement, giving yourself permission to feel free and good.
Revisit that heavy place, with this high-vibratory expression and continue until the heaviness feels lifted.
Give thanks and gratitude
Move on to another energetic signature or go within or go out and play!

Blessings In Loving A'scension!

Fluctuating Current

Lean into the wind of change!  The cosmic currents streaming through the planet from the Galactic Central Sun are incredibly strong and rapidly transformative. The acceleration is underway so quickly!  The waves and fluctuations in connection with our supportive Source experienced now are bringing abrupt chaos and distortion to the surface. These fluctuations use to range in long spans, 5,600, 13,000, 26,000 years, and even greater the further we look back.  In essence, we, for sometime, were like a waxing-waning moon, kissed by darkness  & romanced by light through long extended ages of time. Those ages are now weeks, days, minutes, as we close in on the Equatorial Milky Way.

In Consciousness Unification within the single moment, as we oscillate in these connectivity fluctuations, due to accelerated progress of expansion and re-centering, every time we oscillate our duality becomes less polarized and our consciousness more unified.  This pace is going to continue accelerating, revealing deeper and deeper core wounds of disconnection, while revealing greater and greater harmony and re-connection.

In its beautiful orchestration, as the tides quicken, they accumulate more of ourselves, returning self remembered gems along the shoreline out of the seas of mystery, once thought misery.  Therefore, as we are then brought closer and closer in touch with our core-wounds, we are in a greater capacity to move through our healing, dissolve our fears, forgive ourselves and others and let go, feeling supported by a brightly lit flame burning within.  The flame within is then re-fueled and fed by the tide turning once more, into Unconditional Eternal Loving Connection.

As above, so below, this resurgence of cosmic and Source Re-Connection - The Alchemical transmutative process of unifying polarities is then grounded and emerged through Mother Earth. Acting as noble stewards, by actively supporting each other, nurturing our process, accelerating with it, the collective lifts the veils of density through the act of our existence itself, simply in this time and space.

The importance of willingness and active work on oneself is pivotal in is epic epoch time scale of transformation.  These growth windows are exceptionally astrologically aligned and are quite rare in the schematic of past time cycles as we know them.  Through resonating and matching these outer currents of change with inner evolution, karmic boundaries and limiting patterns fade into a dream-like nature, replaced with pure forms of multi-dimensionally stimulating reality.

Because this process began sometime ago and it has been exponentially accelerating, it has and is resulting in spiritual technologies, higher-intelligence tool and access of systematic designs of abundant liberation.  During the time period of 2012 to 2020, as the personal individual-healing affects the planet, a morphogenic field of potential opens, aligning each being with a vibrational reality match, as they quantum manifest and attract our true essence together on this planet -on this plane.

With this, it is my humble acknowledgement that we continue continue our purposeful progress.  I encourage everyone, as well as myself, to face and tackle fears, be fully present with our resistances, forgive failures as the levy on the lessons break and well, reach out to each other.  I feel that as we come together in ceremony, ritual, celebration and connection we ease the pressure of this work,accelerate the release and choreograph our dance of well-being with the currents of change. Fluctuation flamenco, anyone?  Surf the waves as we surf the web, interconnected, vastly, excitedly, creatively, ever expanding.

Breathe deep, center through, both sides contain more of you. And so it is...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Art of Flow

A dear friend of mine wrote me inquiring about requesting assistance in how she can learn to let go and go with the flow. She was feeling that by living in the flow she could live life more easily and enjoyably, and, in essence, live in a lighter way.  Her message left me so inspired & thought provoked, I began to become conscious of my own flow, my own allowance of it, my own resistances to it and how I flow in and out of the flow itself.  I began to consider the Art of the Universal Flow, and so these are my musings...

I feel going with the flow is an emergence of being, and art form developed with practice.  Something so beautiful, elegant & gentle, that if you spontaneously become aware of the flow while in it, it can sometimes shock you out of it.  In fact, the flow itself almost implies that if you are overtly focused on it, you are not flowing with it.  Understandably, this can be tricky for lots of people, and truthfully, I know many who experience a flow-complex.  Complex, indeed, as the flow seems to be structured on simplicity, as that is how the flow relates to everything. 

So what is the flow?  I feel the flow as a continuous pulse of communication that is streaming through our vibratory being, physical, spiritual, emotional & mental, in every single moment. The stream of in-formation is the ripples spanning through all dimensional levels, cosmic space-time from the Heart of the Creation Source.  The Creation Source Heart Pitter-Pats This & That, to all the multiplicity contained within it, constantly connected to it, in communication with it.  For in truth, any disconnection from the Meta-Mother-Father Heart is the act of a rebellious Child descending into curiosity for the sake of en-lightened development, while the Parents love from a distance, awaiting the Epic-Epoch of Re-Union.  Always Loving, Always Here, Always Connected through the Flow.

At this time, we are returning in alignment with the Flow, astrological aligned with Galactic Center, Our Meta-Mother-Father Hub.  The current Sun is changing rapidly as a whole new set of instructions, frequencies and fosterings are forged from The Source, passed through our Solar System, re-arranging all levels of creation, and, raising the vibration of the one we have been existing in for some time.  So in essence, we are experiencing a higher-vibratory flow, where in every moment new depths of well(th) stream the flow through our subtle body & physical form, enhancing Us as it makes its way through Us. So if, at times, the flow feels restricted, forgive the flow & know too that the flow in every moment is becoming more intense and to flow with it means to allow all change and all transformation to take place within & throughout you in full Trust, Faith & Encouragement. Encouraging the flow to enter, move, through & structure things according to how it seems to be. 

Any sense of resistance to the flow, causes friction with the flow itself.  This friction has been pivotal to this level of the creation experiment until now, which has caused chaotic disruption and a meta-disharmony with our Planetary Mother, her natural rhythms & our brother-sister humans.  In fact its our inherent connection to the Source and its ever-pulsing Love for us that allowed us to experience the polar opposite, through resisting our own Divine Nature.  Wonderfully enough, as the current flow enters through the Planet & through Ourselves, it burns off the restriction friction. The flow burns away limitation & moves through the limitless potential of Unconditional Love.

The Unconditional Love of this Current Flow has high-vibratory organization properties, which sweeps up anything within us that is not on par with this energy.  Thus, all the elements of not being with the flow come lashing out - deep rooted patterns of victim-persecutor consciousness are exposed and equilibrium is restored through compassion, understanding & forgiveness for a project complete, ready to be rewarded. In fact, these final lessons of what it has been like & is like to be out of the flow are part of the reward, a blessing bestowed of a collective skin now shedding.

As the flow now reveals our true selves & shines greater light into the mystery, we become more fully present to who we are, re-membering our origin(al) essence.  Therefore, being unhinged from the flow can detour one from being fully present and existing from their truth.  For in this truth one's path emerges, their purpose takes form. It's interesting how form comes from flow, from how the turning of tides designs the shore lines..

I feel that the best way to function as one with the flow is to be existing form a place in greatest harmony with it...this place lies within your heart. By consciously placing your awareness into your heart, and then living through the body, one can more easily tap into releasing into the stream of existence. This is the act of surrender, releasing yourself into your heart and allowing the stream to carry you into more of yourself.  In existing from the Heart you align with the Meta-Heart, the Heart-Source.  You can then be nestled as a seed on a strawberry, in the Loving sweetness, perfect placeness, that wishes to guide you, carry you, show you the way back home.

Becoming One with the flow I feel carries with it the essence of becoming one with every vibratory nook & cranny of your existence, and too, your physical form.  Thus, the practice of yoga, exploratory dance, and movement theater can further bring you right here, right now, into this ever-changing moment, through ever-changing movement.  For I feel that when one is here in the moment, the flow becomes a dance where the places of resistance are brought up, through, acknowledged & released back into the flow. Perhaps there are places in your body, mind & spirit where you are experiencing blockages, where traumas have been stored in your cellular & vibratory memory, and if so, breathing the flow through you, into you, into these places you may feel, opening & expanding can allow the flow to re-acquaint with all places within. 

The flow is constantly changing, but it is always there, always supportive, always guiding, always bringing in more & more of who you are. Feel the flow, Love the Flow & Be the Flow.  Trust the Flow, as it Only can show you More of Yourself.  Allow yourself to Feel the Flow & Let the Flow Feel You...and soon, you may feel that you are the Flow & The Flow Is You...Becoming One with All that Is...

In Love!

Place Hands over Your Heart & State
"I let go of control over my mental mind & surrender all resistances"
"I Am Open to the unconditional Love, Wisdom of my Heart"
"I Am One with the Flow, I Am One with Source Energy" 
"I Am that I Am"
And then dance...

In Love & Grace, As the Flow Brings Infinite Blessings,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Centering in the Divine

Meditating in the Florida sunshine, beams of gossamer gentle move through my forehead, massaging my third eye as I take in a relaxed breath.  Exhaling, transmissions of an ever-upgrading light code matrix spiral down my multi-dimensional body, grounding into the central core of the planet.  Feeling still serenity, I breath up a tender appreciation through my heart, as flashes of birds, rolling waves, whispy clouds shoot warmth down my extremities and the feeling climbs back through me out into the center of the sun itself, as I begin to further open myself as a singularity of service.

Time synchronicity sequences have seemingly aligned me to a force felt within so strong, I feel I can now see how I've been incredibly distracted by peripheral light sources which I thought were going to fill my genetic longing.  The force I speak of is my Center that lies within the stillness of my opening heart.  It is the branch of the Creator's tree that makes up the conduit for which my energetic and physical axis spins.

In previous times, it has taken me many hours of meditation, ceremony or other focused practice to end up at the center.  Feeling as though a stubborn ego and resistance to that which is purest led me to exhausting all possible routes.  After chaotic dispersion, I would finally give up on what I was desiring to manifest, letting go entirely, laying down in surrender and then ironically realizing I had been in the Center all a long, connected to God in every moment, at the whim of my own disillusioned self-will.  Frustration would arise, feeling as though I had to go through the emotional disparity of losing hope to regain it whenever I wanted to achieve something with profound meaning for myself.

Practice, prayer, and a ceaseless commitment to healing has begun to shift the poles within me. As I Am the Earth and we share the same heart, her inner and outer changes are my own.  In the places I have experienced the greatest pain do I find an emotional release and the greatest love potential.  In overcoming my resistances do I find my greatest power, discipline and focus.  In moving towards my challenges and negative reverberations, I find resolution to long-held karmic patterns in which I Am ready to let go.

In symbiotic solar system sychro-I Am-ionization, as the Sun aligns with Galactic Center, the Galactic Center receives direct transmissions from Creation Source and the Earth awakens to its sentience in the cradled hands of God, I too become secure, traveling in the unravelling mystery of mysteries.  I too align with the trinities within trinities, bridging my physical form with my I Am oversoul above the illusion of dense duality.  The merger of sprit and matter achieve sacred union in the relationships of nature and the modern world's dance, while my inner disposition finds a profound peace until now unknown to itself.

Ah, this is what my yearning heart has desired for millennia, to start at my inner Center, to align first and foremost with the Creation Source and from there have all my thoughts, actions and manifestations be drawn from and back into.  That I may reach and continually stretch for the highest purest form of Ineffable Light and fully surrender to the blessings reciprocated for my efforts.  In an indelible focus towards Ascension, I have begun to become my Higher-Self.  I have begun to unify my inner masculine and feminine, High Priest and Priestess, God and Goddess.  Acting in the natural essence of time, aligning with the intentional energy of creation, I find the most sacred path to impregnate the beautiful landscape of life with my Angelic visions, birthing them manifest in the physical.

The opportunity for Oneness is amongst Us, however, we still must make the choice to move towards it in every moment, remembering to move back directly to it in moments of distraction, ungroundedness and the purging of fear as our default mechanism.  With humble gratitude and righteous rejoice for a long awaited Reunion with myself and the energies of Creation pulsing through me in every moment, I offer others my words, energetic exchange and excitement.  May you awaken to your own I Am divinity, and may our collective acknowledgment of each other's Godliness fuel the creative coals of a coiling train to the Center-most Cosmic Lovedom. May you be well in stillness and faithful in the action of the Highest Light.

And so it is...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flight of the Eagle ~ A Dreamer’s Journey through the Heart of Consciousness

Deep asleep, the curtains of the dreamscape opened.  There I am walking and talking with my friend Dawn, along a shore-side park by an expansive lake in a mountainous setting.  Devyn, Dawn’s teenage daughter, was with us too, playing in her own imaginative wonderland. Her laughter echoed our way, reeling in our awareness. Devyn was now not playing alone, but was accompanied by an enormous Bald Eagle. The Eagle joined Devyn’s playful energy, poking about and hoping up and down around her.  Whoa...

The Eagle and Devyn shared an infectious comfort-ability.  Engaged in a strange game of tag, they pursued each other. The Eagle would gently peck Devyn and comically flap its wings to create a big breeze, almost blowing her over.  This went on for sometime as Dawn and I watched in amazement.

A stillness set in between them and the Eagle approached.  The majestic bird bowed its head, and Devyn responded by mounting the back of the Eagle and embracing it in a Loving hug. Then, right before our wide-eyes, they took flight over the lake.  Excited cheers cascaded from the sky, raining down the feeling of liberation onto us.  The epic Eagle swooped down, skimmed the water’s surface and blasted into the sky, through the clouds and into the rays of the Sun.

As a new set of clouds moved in, the Eagle safely returned with Devyn.  Devyn hugged the Eagle once more, dismounting and spinning in circles with glee.  The Eagle watched Devyn and immediately peered directly into our hearts, silently assuring us that the path to flight is through the heart of a child.  The infinite potential of innocence made manifest as gentle adventurousness, delicate strength and alert appreciation.  The dancing balance of masculine and feminine forces, playing with one another in complete honesty. In that moment, I opened my heart to feel this truth, the Single Truth.  In this space an earnest child-like thought took form, humbly stating... “Hey, I want to fly on the Eagle.”

In a quantum-leap, the dream shifted and I found myself seated securely on the back of the Eagle, soaring  in the sky.  I looked down below, taking in a deep breath and letting go of the illusion of limitation.  We flew as One into the heights, climbing altitude into wispy levels of atmosphere.  In these upper levels, from this perspective, bliss is allowed to express itself.  Here, freedom is the domain of the free.  Funny, I look back now, how our atmosphere relates to where we are at-most-fear.

Feelings of nervousness and uneasiness at times arose in these heights, but were quickly dissolved by the liberation and confidence I felt.  For, I had full confidence in the Eagle, made certain by the Eagle’s confidence in itself.  A wave of energy swept over us, now reversing  direction into a rapid decent towards the Earth.  We dove fast, strong, poised.  As we got closer to the Earth, I felt pressure building within myself, but the Eagle, steadfast and determined, flew straight down unflinching.  The ground approacheth, closer and closer, and at a single centimeter before impact....whoosh, a perfect size portal opened up for us to comfortably continue our descent. 

At first I was surrounded by just rock, dense layers of sediment, but soon, as we continued on, a new vision arose.  I began to see an immense landscape, which I could only relate to as the Lower-Self, the realms of the unconscious.  Shifty magma, streams of plasma and liquid metal merged, collided and exploded in fractal-archetype soup.  The seemingly viscous chaos molded into expression-filled faces, skeletal systems, modern buildings and highways of prayers, fantasies and fears.  Collective consciousness in constant flux, awaiting further recognition of itself.  A massive mandala made up of a disarray of organically-organized in-genuity, all pulsating around a center point, which was our direct destination.  During this descent through the underworld the Eagle’s focus held unwaveringly towards the center, and unlike myself, distracted not by the busy surroundings.  Here, we approached another seeming breaking point, now moving further into the darkness of the center ...

Entrenched in utter darkness my faith began to shake, the foundation, though, holding stable by the Eagle’s persistence.  And then, without fail, we approached the Light.  This time, passing through a veil of shimmery Light Substance, we entered what seemed to be the palaces of inner Earth, the depths of our wildest imagination.  Here we were surrounded by grand kingdoms and crystalline cities woven of Light-grid tapestries, inhabited by millions of beings who appeared to be diligently celebrating, working and creating.  I saw galactic gardening, synchronicity sharing systems and elemental education exchange.  I felt an incredible sensation of Love sweep through me, feeling deeply connected to this place, its inhabitants and its sense of eternal joyous service. 

Still, though, we flew ceaselessly to the center of this crystal kingdom. It appeared as though we were approaching the power Source of this miraculous mystery, a conscious-breathing spherical Love-Hub of Limitless Light. The Eagle and I began to journey through this blindingly bright Star-like space into its own central core, a central-point paradoxically dark.  It was then, as the Eagle and I began to pierce the membrane of this veil, the event horizon where the Light met the Dark, the very place where Thing holds No-thing in an eternal-kiss of rapture, that I completely surrendered and let go...

And in this moment, I was now alone. The Eagle having completed its mission, disappeared as so too did the memory of it all.  I was now pure consciousness floating in endless space.  I was it, it was me....and in the very moment I realized I am I, another quantum-leap brought me elsewhere. This time it was all very bright, it was morning time and I was awake lying in bed.  A being buffet of inexplicable feelings still fresh, my reflections marinated in the bands of light making their way through the blinds, merging me back with myself for the dawn of a new day.